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Time To Learn

Our educational philosophy is central in teaching our students the basis for achieving personal success in life. We provide an intimate classroom environment limiting class sizes to no more than 12 students per teacher grades K3-12th. Our faculty is made up entirely of Christian educators. Our academic program uses Christian based curriculum that teach our students the Truth integrated into traditional subject matter. 

Abeka Program

Abeka is well known in the homeschool community as one of the pioneers in Christian home school curriculum. Although parents were once limited to purchasing textbooks and teacher manuals only, the company now has several options available to help parents teach their children using the same materials that are used in many Christian schools.​

Shurley Grammar

The Shurley English curriculum has assembled a unique combination of features and strategies to provide for student success in grammar, skills, writing, and reading. These features are logically, sequentially, and systematically woven into the curriculum to provide a solid foundation for lifetime literacy.

BJU Press

BJU Press publishes Chritian school curriculum and distance learning options for grades K-12. BJU Press materials seemlisly integrate biblical truth with academic excellence in order to help your students develop the critical thinking skills and love of learning they need for their Christian lives.

E-Text Books

In our world, technology is inescapable. While the core of a Christian philosophy of education remains changeless, every year brings new research and new technologies that can improve learning outcomes. Youngsville Christian School strives to maintain a learning experience that is innovative and up to date with the worlds technology advances. Starting in the 5th grade, YCS students are able to access text books through a personal owned tablet or home computer.

Time To Play

We have two age-appropriate playgrounds, a basketball court, as well as open spaced fields for the children to play and get the wiggles out during daily recess! 
Our children's safety is also our priority. We have monitored security cameras placed in every classroom, halls, and on playgrounds. 
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